Aedict KanjiDraw Practice Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Aedict KanjiDraw Practice

A quick video which demonstrates the new Aedict KanjiDraw Practice app, available here:

Aedict 3.0/2.0 Review

Just a little video for the devs to check out and maybe improve their great product even more.

Aedict 2.0 for Android

Scanning documents with Aedict OCR

Hi, today I would like to show you how to scan multiple lines of text from a document. I have prepared two documents, both were captured by the phone's ...

Aedict 3.5 new unified kanji lookup screen

Aedict 3.5 new unified kanji lookup screen.

Using OCR to recognize a kanji in Aedict

A preview of the OCR (optical character recognition) feature, which will be available in Aedict 3.7.

Using Aedict3 OCR with Android applications

A quick demo on how you can recognize japanese text from programs which do not allow you to copy-paste the text, for example a music player.

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