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Aedict KanjiDraw Practice

3.53 usd

Provides stroke order animation for 7000+ kanjis. You can start the animation either from start, or for the selected stroke. Integrates itself with Aedict 3.13 and higher automatically when installed - just click the Stroke Order Diagram in Aedict 3.13 and the animation will start.You can practise your own kanji drawing. You can show the stroke order diagram and/or the kanji contours, to help to draw the kanji for the first time.You can share a text containing kanjis from e.g. a browser - KanjiDraw will recognize all kanjis in the text and will offer you to show stroke order for that kanji.Also provides general hints on how to draw the kanji. Currently, KanjiDraw will not check the correctness of your drawing. This is planned for future releases.This is a very first release, there are things that could be done better. Please feel free to provide feedback - your feedback is highly appreciated.